The 'Star Wars' Wrap Party Was Epic, and You Can Watch Thanks to the Wonder of Social Media

Two words: dancing stormtroopers.

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(Image credit: Design by American Artist)

Star Wars Episode Gazillion (JK, Episode VIII) just wrapped filming, and the cast and crew celebrated with a casual wrap party at London's Natural History Museum. So many wondrously nerdy things happened, including dancing storm troopers:

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And Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker) using the hashtag #SexyStormtroopers, which no one should ever click if they value their eyeballs.

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Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding performed:

Daisy Ridley's outfit slayed:

And John Boyega was deeply confused/horrified by Snapchat:

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And before you panic, fear not: Oscar Isaac was there in a jaunty fedora:

But clearly, the real VIP was this giant dead dinosaur.

He gets it.

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