Cancel Your Cable Subscription Because Spencer Pratt Has a YouTube Channel

Question: can you get an Emmy for eating tacos on the internet?


Do you wish you lived in a world where The Hills never ended? Where you still got to watch Spencer Pratt muse on life, love, and crystals? Join us, friends, because Spencer has a YouTube channel and the future is now.

So far, Spencer (who is "tryna go viral") only has two videos, but they are the two best videos your eyeballs will ever see. Let's get to it.

1) Channel Test

In which Spencer does a mic check, chats about his glorious beard, and is all "this should probably be a vine...but it's a YouTube video."

2) Taco Day

Spencer's second video is a tribute to tacos, and involves him eating as many as he can in honor of National Taco Day. Watching Spencer and his beard eat for seven minutes straight is...well, it's a journey.

Since Spencer's mission is to go viral, let's band together and make his dream a reality. Thank you for your time/efforts.

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