Christina Ricci Talks Filming That Steamy Sex Scene in 'Z: The Beginning of Everything'

During a game of two truths and a lie, naturally.

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If you're obsessed with gorgeous period dramas and the sepia-infused romance of 1920s America, hello, and welcome to Z: The Beginning of Everything.

The new Amazon series about the life of Zelda Fitzgerald is available to binge now, and we mean that literally. As in, you should probably block out six hours of your day for this. Z is a stunning show that brings a new perspective to Zelda's notoriously no chill life, and caught up with stars Christina Ricci and David Hoflin to chat about their on-screen connection. Oh, and we also played two truths (er...or three) and a lie about filming a graveyard sex scene. Your job? Guessing the lie.*

Watch Z: The Beginning of Everything on Amazon.

*Hint: The lie involves the term "manhood."

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