Jennifer Lopez Finally Dished on Drake, and Yes She Dropped the L-Word


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Remember when Drake and Jennifer Lopez trolled everyone with that photo of themselves snuggled up? In fact, here, let's revisit.

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Everyone *assumed* they were dating, Rihanna un-followed J.Lo, and yet these two still haven't confirmed anything. So naturally, Ryan Seacrest took the opportunity to ask about their maybe-relationship at the Grammy Awards. Lopez's response? To say that she loves Drake (!!!!!).

"I love Drake he's so brilliant, talented, amazing," she said. "We made a song together, and ummm...."

It should be noted that at this point Seacrest chimed in to be all "CREATIVE SPARKS?!?!?!" and Lopez had this to say: "We hung out. We hung out. We had a great time. He's amazing. I have so much love for that boy."

Cool/helpful, but again, are you dating, y/n?

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