So, Robert Pattinson Looks Like a Completely Different Person These Days

Cropped zip-up turtleneck game strong.

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Robert Pattinson (opens in new tab), former on-screen vampire, has been out of the spotlight for quite some time—but he made his triumphant return at the The Lost City of Z premiere in Berlin and looked quite different.

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Behold, newly slicked back hair, more-chiseled-than-usual cheekbones, and a love for turtlenecks.

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Speaking of turtlenecks, the actor seems to be experimenting with some fashionable new looks, and opted to wear this edgy zip-up cropped piece for a red carpet appearance.

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So, if you're ever feeling lost or confused, just look at this photo of Robert Pattinson making zip-up cropped turtlenecks happen, and everything will be okay.

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