Kendall Jenner Is Back At It with the Creepily Accurate Bird Impressions

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird." —Kendall Jenner to actual birds

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In case you are unaware, Kendall Jenner is part bird. At least that's the only reasonable explanation for how insanely accurate her bird noises are. The supermodel low-key fractured the internet last time she busted out her bird calls (opens in new tab), and she's back at it again on The Late Late Show.

Jenner joined actor Taylor Lautner and Andrew Garfield to show off some hidden talents, and between Garfield's backflip (!!!) and Lautner's grape-catching trick (even more !!!!!), she busted out the bird calls.

We are truly in awe. But also 'cause of Lautner's weird grape-catching skills, tbh.


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