Emmy Rossum Has Been Robbed of $150K Worth of Jewelry

Have we got another Bling Ring on our hands?


If you put on some Sleigh Bells right now, it'd almost be like 2009 again—except this time around, the string of burglaries targeting celebrities, of which Emmy Rossum is the latest victim, are said to be unconnected.

Police are investigating the latest Hollywood heist, in which thieves broke into the Shameless actress' home and made off with $150,000 in jewels, the L.A. Times reports. According to law enforcement, the culprits broke a rear patio window and turned off the alarm before cracking the safe that held the jewelry.

Just last week, thieves entered Kendall Jenner's home and absconded with $200K worth of jewelry, continuing a series of break-and-enters involving celebrities such as Alanis Morissette and Nicki Minaj. Nonetheless, LAPD investigators said they do not believe the recent crimes are linked.

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