Tribeca Film Festival Pulled All Their United Ads Because Audiences Wouldn't Stop Laughing at Them

😂 😂 😂.

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As you are probably well-aware, United's PR team is working overtime thanks to the airline dragging a man off a recent flight (opens in new tab), and also that evil cabin scorpion who stung a guy (opens in new tab). Basically, it hasn't been a great couple weeks—but because they're a sponsor of New York's Tribeca Film Festival, United's ads have been opening a slew of new movies. And the audience reaction says a lot.

When the ad above played during Tribeca's opening night at Radio City Music Hall, audiences laughed uproariously (note: yours truly was there, the LOLs were too real). Apparently, the laughter hasn't died down, leading TFF (in agreement with United) to pull the ad completely.

Festival spokesperson Tammie Rosen's statement (opens in new tab) is as follows: "United is a valued partner of the Tribeca Film Festival, and we are grateful for their continued support of our filmmakers and the arts."


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