So, Marilyn Monroe Had the Craziest-Sounding Sex Life *Ever*

"In the bedroom, it was like the gods were fighting."

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In 1952, Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe was married to baseball player Joe DiMaggio—and apparently their sex life was lit/on fire/popping. According to a new book from DiMaggio's podiatrist and close friend Rock Positano (excuse us while we scoop up a grain of salt), the ball player spoke of his intimate moments with Monroe, allegedly saying "When we got together in the bedroom it was like the gods were fighting; there were thunder-clouds and lightning. Doc, Marilyn told me that no man ever satisfied her like I did."

Positano's book chronicles his many dinner conversations with DiMaggio, during one of which the ball player talked about his then-ex Marilyn's relationship with playwright Arthur Miller. "[She] told Frank Sinatra that she always thought of me when she made love with Miller," DiMaggio apparently mused. "And kept a picture of me hidden in one of her closets. That drove Miller crazy and right to the divorce court."

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Wow, sounds like everyone at these dinners had totally normal-sized egos and weren't even a little bit sexist! (Sarcasm.)

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