Watch Drake Fangirl So Hard Over Celine Dion—Then Tell Her He's Going to Get Her Face Tattooed on His Body

From one Canadian superstar to another.

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Unlike other celebrities or even civilians, Drake did not play it even remotely cool when he met fellow Canadian sensation Celine Dion backstage at the Billboard Music Awards. Instead, he had absolutely no chill and told her he loved her and would soon add her face to the collection of tattoos on his body. (She will occupy the space on his left ribcage.)

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To this stunning revelation, Dion said "Oh, I don't know," before quickly introducing the rapper to her son, People reports.

However, even if you did not trust People's reporting, you can see with your own eyes how tightly Drake gripped Celine's gloved hands and how deep his blush was as he looked up at the woman whose visage will join that of Aaliyah and various family members "in like a year." (Also a shark that matches Rihanna's.)

"It means the world, you're very iconic." —how we all should be greeted


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