If You're a Famous Person, Don't Even Remotely Suggest Your Dog Has Died: A Lesson from Chris Evans

Captain America? More like Captain Emotion. (You're welcome.)

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Over the weekend, Chris Evans made the mistake of posting a photo of his dog to Twitter and using the caption "really missing this guy right now." And naturally, everyone assumed said dog was dead. In other words, it was My Dog Skip meets Marley and Me all over again.

But then Chris Evans was like "whoops never mind my dog is totally alive sorry lol!"

Like, wow. Thanks for the update Chris. It's not like we were devastated over the prospect of your dog dying or anything. No, it's fine. We'll be fine.

Anyway, the internet simply couldn't deal:

At some point people just started sharing photos of their dogs. And then things devolved quickly into being fully amazing:

Lesson learned: please never imply that your dog is dead—especially if you're famous.

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