Tim Gunn in The New York Times: "A Lucky Guy"

We love Tim Gunn—especially when he's telling the designers on Project Runway to "make it work." But what does Tim think about those famous three words? In a video for The New York Times, he says: "It's not just about what's happening in the workroom. It's about life. If you grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth and there's never any strife or consternation, what do you really learn?"

So with that, we invite you to have a challenging—and character-building!—week ahead, just the way Tim would want it. Plus, check out the full video above for more on Tim's "phenomenal ride" from the world of education to the Emmys. (Bonus: Project Runway season eight's Mondo Guerra shares what he loves about Tim—and wears Mickey Mouse ears.)

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