Trust Us: Jason Wu for Target Is Going to Be Amazing!

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This morning, we rushed to hit up the very first press preview of the Jason Wu for Target line. The hotly anticipated capsule collection has been so, well, hotly anticipated that we had to sign non-disclosure agreements just to get in and see the goods first-hand. And let me tell you, we showed a lot of restraint in not snapping a few rogue iPhone photos of the beautiful spring looks.

And they were beautiful. From ultra-flirty dresses to chic satchels and clutches to adorable scarves, this line is just what you'd expect from the designer who's dressed the likes of Michelle Obama and Diane Kruger.

We have a pretty strong feeling that when the well-priced collaboration launches on Feb. 5, 2012, it's going to make that whole Missoni for Target flash sale seem like a very calm, very leisurely shopping experience.

We promise to keep you posted on all the Jason Wu for Target updates we can legally obtain.

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