Exclusive: Indigo Charlie's Music Video Debut

If you read this blog, you probably know that MC's Sergio Kletnoy recommends a lot of music. He's always running over to our desks, begging us to listen to some new song by the "next big thing." He's usually spot-on (um, he brought Adele to the office circa 2010!), but we like to be a bit discerning in who we end up sharing with you.

So when he came over in the midst of New York Fashion Week with a "hot new singer," we were thisclose to blowing him off … until he told us about Indigo Charlie.

Before we even heard her new single, "Float," we were already impressed. This girl studies at the Fashion Institute of Design in Merchandising in Los Angeles, she works in Giorgio Armani's PR department, and she has "personal assistant to Solange Knowles" on her resume. She's also a part of a new generation of DIY indie artists, who are making their dreams happen all on their own — from writing and recording to publicity — on a shoestring budget.

Proof of her scrappiness? She shot her fourth music video as a "fashion film," showcasing the works of FIDM alumni Alexander Kosztowny, who custom-designed all the looks she wears.

If you like what you hear, which we are sure you will, keep an ear out for her debut EP, which she plans to release later this year. And, follow her on Twitter at @IndigoC.

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