Move Like Madonna

Get a taste of Madonna's gym, Hard Candy Fitness, from its new DVD, Addicted to Sweat. Nicole Winhoffer, Madge's trainer, shares some moves.

Parallel runs:

Start in plank with a folded towel under each foot. Slide left knee into chest, then back out; repeat on right. Do 16 reps.

Counterclockwise circles:

From plank, slide both legs out wide and sweep them around and back in circles. Do 16.

Straight-leg V-up plank:

From plank, keep legs together, bend at hips, and slide feet toward your hands, piking into a V position. Return to plank slowly. Do 16.

Single-leg knee-in run:

Crouch with hands on floor in front of feet, knees bent, towel under left foot only, right foot crossed over left ankle. Slide left leg back out straight, then back to starting position. Repeat on right side. Do 16 reps.

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