Our Favorite Things That Happened This Week

We expected this week to be somewhat of a slow one in pop culture and politics due to New Year celebrations, but, of course, the news doesn't stop for any holiday. Here, in our first of a recurring series of week-end round-ups, we detail the events that most recently rattled our world.

Kimye is pregnant! The weekend's announcement that Kim Kardashian is three months pregnant with Kanye West's baby was initially a little difficult to process. After all, Yeezy did break the news by asking 5,000 fans at his Atlantic City concert to "make some noise for my baby mama right there." But, alas, the Kardashian clan confirmed (via Twitter, naturally) soon after, and the baby madness began.

Did Brangelina get married? Reports started circulating on Wednesday that Brad and Angie got hitched on Christmas at Donna Karan's Turks and Caicos compound. The couple hasn't yet confirmed and, honestly, we don't really expect them to. Regardless, we'd love to eventually see pics of their six littles in formal wedding attire.

Hillary Clinton leaves the hospital. The outgoing secretary of state and general of girl power left an NYC hospital on Wednesday after being hospitalized for a post-concussion blood clot. Not to worry, Hill spent her time working in her hospital bed. Of course she did.

Gap buys Intermix. In an interesting turn of events, super corporation Gap, Inc., bought the high-end retailer Intermix for $130 million. Expect Gap to open more Intermix stores (both domestically and overseas), add more of our favorite designers to the store's portfolio, and increase their e-commerce presence.

The fiscal cliff was (mostly) avoided. Three hours before the fiscal cliff's midnight deadline, Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act which will largely eliminate some of the cliff's initial concerns, including a minor recession and budget cuts for more than 1,000 government programs.

Katie Holmes guested on Project Runway All Stars. Not only did the former Mrs. Cruise prove that she was a regular watcher of the show (case in point: her comment about adding feathers to Uli's runway dress), but she looked fierce with a slick ponytail alongside Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, and fellow guest judge Carmen Marc Valvo.

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