Our Favorite Funny Lady Rebel Wilson Hosts 2013 MTV Awards

We're just a little over a month away from this year's MTV Movie Awards. 2013's host: Rebel Williams. Wilson isn't exactly what you'd call a household name. Granted, she was the star of Pitch Perfect and she played Kristen Wiig's freeloading housemate in Bridesmaids. But besides her parts in these films and her overall role as a stand-up comic, she's just not that renowned. The MTV Awards, however, might be about to change that.

Wilson is the first female host since 2007's Sarah Silverman, and one of the few female hosts chosen to lead the show solo. Her counterparts have been celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, and yes, even LiLo. Despite being different from these previous hosts simply in that a) she's Australian, and b) she's far more comedy-driven, what sets Wilson even further apart is that she's also the first plus-size woman to ever host the awards.

This is pretty monumental. Not only are we back to having a female host the show, but it just so happens to be a female who isn't a size two. What we love about Wilson might just be that she seems totally confident and happy inside her own skin. Wilson confidence is pretty rare to find in anyone, let alone in a plus-size woman. But Wilson seems genuinely content with her body, and is often seen wearing clothing that reveal quite a bit of it. No, not skimpy outfits, but tight, form-fitting apparel — like the body-hugging outfit she wore in Bridesmaids. And that's something to admire!

Some may venture to say that the MTV Movie Awards haven't been exactly up-to-par in recent years (Twilight has won far too many awards, in our book), but maybe this year will be a turn-around. We've seen some incredible film releases lately, and now that Twilight is finally over, maybe there's nowhere to go but up again. Adding a plus-size, comedian actress to the mix is bound to create something, if not better, than at least far more memorable shows that we've seen since... maybe ever.

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