Watch It Now: The Full "Bling Ring" Trailer Is Here!

Our list of summer must-see movies is growing by the day, but we might be the most excited about this one. Based on true events, The Bling Ring centers around a group of fame-hungry teenagers in Los Angeles who rob the homes of some of Hollywood's most infamous scenesters, namely Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in their late 2000s heyday. It stars Emma Watson — who totally nails her Valley Girl accent — as well as one of our favorite funny ladies Leslie Mann, and we're looking forward to their hilarious one-liners. Plus, it's written and directed by Sofia Coppola, so we know we can expect plenty of hazy, visually stunning California scenery and a banging soundtrack — Azealia Banks and Sleigh Bells are featured in the trailer. Watch the official preview right here, and don't miss The Bling Ring when it hits theaters in June!

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