Did Michael Douglas Really Get Cancer from Sex?

First Michael Douglas got throat cancer from sex — then he didn't. What's the deal here? Let's start from the beginning. In Douglas' original, now hotly contested interview last week with The Guardian, the Behind the Candelabra actor admitted that his throat cancer was caused by the HPV virus, transmitted via oral sex. Shortly thereafter, Douglas' publicist, Allen Burry, told the Daily News that "he never said that was the particular cause of his particular cancer."

Despite the swift retraction of Douglas' statement, the actor has certainly launched an interesting conversation regarding HPV-caused cancers. According to oncologist Dr. David Agus, HPV causes 70-percent of throat cancers, a statistic that has increased by 15-percent in the last 30 years. If the numbers speak by themselves, it's a conversation that should, quite frankly, be taking place, regardless of Douglas' true form of contraction.

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