8 Things to Know about Apple's Newest Head of Retail, Angela Ahrendts

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Angela Ahrendts recently announced that she would be stepping down as CEO of Burberry to become the new Consumer Experience Chief of Apple in 2014. With the new gig, Ahrendts will become Apple's only female in its 10-person executive suite. So if you didn't know about her before, now you will. Here's a list of eight things to know about the woman behind the Burberry Prorsum suit.

1. Ahrendts was born in the small town of New Palestine, Indiana and was one of six kids. With ambition and a dream to make it in the fashion industry, she moved to New York City the day after she graduated from Ball State University.

2. Her first job out of college was working with Donna Karan, which is where she me Christopher Bailey. Bailey later became the chief creative officer working closely by her side at Burberry. He will take over as CEO of the brand once Ahrendts departs.

3. Having made £12.6 Million in 2012, Ahrendts was one of only three women on 2013's FTSE 100 stock index. She was the highest paid CEO in the UK in 2012. It's no wonder she is also ranked on Forbes List of Power Women.

4. Ahrendts has not taken a sick day off in 25 years, reported BBC 4 Radio.

5. Ahrendts is a firm believer in the power of human energy. In April, she gave a moving TED talk about combating negative forces and embracing trust. "Trust is single-handedly the most powerful source of positive energy, and once in place, it unlocks a freedom and peace to explore," she said.

6. Ahrendts is a devout Christian and has been said to read the Bible everyday.

7. She met her husband in elementary school. The two have three children together and her husband, Gregg, is a stay at home dad.

8. Her not-so-guilty pleasure is diet coke. She admitted to drinking five to six a day. "My blood runs brown," she told the Wall Street Journal.

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