All the Pictures from the Royal Birth

Including our very first sighting of the beautiful new princess.
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The new royal baby is here—and it's a girl! Here, a complete catalog of the day's happy moments, including the very first sighting of our new princess.
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She's here! Doesn't the little princess look adorable?
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How did that woman just give birth. How, we ask you.
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Ah, there he is. Prince George is already feeling The Burden Of Big Brother Responsibility.
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We would expect nothing less than knee-high socks and leather buckle shoes on this occasion.
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Double wave to the adoring crowd.
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Awwww don't worry George—we won't forget about you.
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He's got that wave thing down pat.
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That is one HAPPY dad.
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The hospital where the princess was born.
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Nice try, "It's a Prince" sign in the background.
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The official announcement...
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...behind the gates at Buckingham Palace.
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The Town Crier has arguably the best job in the entire world—and he apparently knows it.
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Doin' his thang.
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The small, modest crowd (ahem) gathered to hear the news.
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Why isn't everything announced by a befeathered man reading from a scroll? Life would just be so much better that way.
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