12 Adorable Photos of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs at the Met Gala

Kimye had some competition for best red-carpet duo.

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There were a lot of great couples at the Met Gala on Monday—Kimye, the Weeknd and Bella Hadid, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and more—but none of them looked as in love as Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs, who've been warding off breakup rumors for several months. Allow these beautiful photos to quell any doubts you have about whether or not they're still together.

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Looking directly at the camera as if to say, "Yes, we know we are the best-looking couple here."


She's either making him laugh by doing robot arms or asking for confirmation that she looks good in that bodice-vest contraption (she does).


"Do you see how great she looks though? Do you really see?"


Back view!


Normally couples who share inside jokes in public are annoying, but for these two you can make an exception.


Casual hand-holding.


Back view again!


Twigs goes for the glamour shot while R-Pattz...does whatever it is that he's doing.


Are they dancing on the red carpet? Should everyone dance on the red carpet?


This is too much.


Laughing at all the other couples who aren't as cute as they are.


This concludes R-Pattz and FKA twigs at the 2016 Met Gala: A Love Story.

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