See the Fancy, $40K/Month Apartment Taylor Swift's Renting While Her *Other* Fancy Apartment Is Being Renovated

It's got a pool—indoors.

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While her Tribeca model lounge/now-bachelorette pad is undergoing $535,000 worth of renovations, Taylor Swift *won't* be crashing with friends or staying in a hotel—nay, she'll be renting a $38,000-a-month carriage house with its own indoor pool, according to Curbed. Want to see how the Taylor-y half lives? Keep clicking.

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The exterior


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The floor plan

IDK how they fit all that in there, but sure.

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The pool

Is it one of those gushy ones that makes you feel like you're going somewhere, but you're actually just treading water? Or is it just a really big bathtub for Olivia and Meredith?

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The high ceilings

Perfect for installing a trampoline.

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Perfect for Instagram

And eating pie handmade by Victoria's Secret Angels.

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