Kate Middleton Doing Things

Things she's done as princess include: Fishing, rowing a boat, bartending, and looking like a Hogwarts alum.

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Kate Middleton can do many things. Here she is doing many different things.

Here she is fishing during the Royal Tour of Canada.

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Kate Middleton doesn't mind touching a fish, either. She's a very hands-on royal.

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She also touches crabs because Kate Middleton is not squeamish. 

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She rows boats, because who says princesses can't have mad upper body strength? 

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Here she is getting appropriately excited about cake. 

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And here she is snacking and loving every second of it. 

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Here she is manning the phone for a mental health helpline operated by YoungMinds in London.

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Here she is painting, because Kate Middleton is also artistic. 

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Here she is being disappointed at sports, because Kate Middleton is really watching the match and she has opinions about what's happening.

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Here's Kate Middleton playing bartender and looking joyous, like if she hadn't married William and become a princess, she might have worked at a local pub and loved that life too. 

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Here's Kate Middleton arriving at Hogwarts getting off a train. 

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