Pluuunging Necklines Are Alive and Well, Confirms This Year's Golden Globes Red Carpet

So many sideboob opportunities here.

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Don't call it a comeback: lest you thought this year's Golden Globes red carpet would be all about the naked dress, stars and presenters trotted out the plunging neckline trend instead with a parade of chic, down-to-there necklines. See all of the most glamorous clavicle-teasers ahead.

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Jessica Biel

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Drew Barrymore

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Emily Ratajkowski

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Mandy Moore

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Kristen Bell

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Keri Russell

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Emma Stone

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Jessica Chastain

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Gina Rodriguez

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Blake Lively

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Zoe Saldana

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Gal Gadot


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Priyanka Chopra

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Sarah Jessica-Parker

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Felicity Huffmann

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Laura Dern

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