MC Cheatsheet: Project Runway Breaking News!

Courtesy of Lifetime Television

Jessica: "Attention, Project Runway fans! They're upping Season 8's episodes from an hour to 90 minutes long. That's right — even more behind-the-seams drama is on the way." People

Sophia: "Which is more impressive: These fab Alaia booties? Or that the model's wearing them on cobblestones?" Jak and Jil

Lauren: "Female beer taste-testers: A job for me if this editing thing doesn't pan out." Gawker

Anna: "There's a new fashion trend on the Hill these days: wearing the exact same thing to your Supreme Court confirmation hearings as the last person to be confirmed. Elena Kagan, we think you look just as lovely as Sonia Sotomayor in your royal blue jacket-over-black top. Even if it's not all that original. " Above the Law

Kate: "A used handbag is being sold on eBay for $77,999. Okay, it's a Birkin, but still." StyleList

Jihan: "A new pinup calendar confronts the oil spill. Slacktivism, anyone?" The Frisky

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