The Rundown: Project Runway All Stars Episode 1

Last night Lifetime premiered the first episode featuring new judges, a new host, and a new mentor...our editor-in-chief Joanna Coles. Here's a look at some of our favorite moments.

We've been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Project Runway All Stars for months, and not just because our editor-in-chief Joanna Coles (follow her on Twitter @JoannaColes) is stepping in to the mentor role typically occupied by Tim Gunn. We love any sort of all star show because from episode one you're already so invested in the contestants. And from the looks of it, this season is going to be way fun...and filled with some great designs.

Each week, we'll be perusing the internet to find our favorite quotes and recaps about the show. Here's the episode one rundown.

Entertainment Weekly

We're always huge fans of EW's television recaps but Stephan Lee really killed it this week, especially with his description of our boss Joanna. (She's the one who pointed it out to us online because she thought it was hilarious!)

"Then in walked Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, who brought down the temperature in the room ten degrees. Tim Gunn is my favorite part of regular Project Runway, but I'm glad All Stars didn't try to replace him as mentor with someone similar, someone who's also warm, fuzzy, and avuncular. Instead, they went in the complete opposite direction. Joanna is fierce. Not fierce in the Christian Siriano/Tyra Banks sense of the word. Fierce in the actually scary sense. Like a pterodactyl. Or Tilda Swinton. She's the type of person who can make children weep by reading them a bedtime story. Pale, frigid, and bird-like is the only way I like my editors-in-chief of fashion magazines."

"On her way out, I think Joanna may have sort of attempted a smile, but she just bulged her eyes and flicked her tongue like Gollum. Maybe that's just what a Joanna Coles smile looks like. I love her! I'm not even kidding. I love people who are both brilliant and really, really weird."

Tom and Lorenzo

"And we look forward to more of Mondo and Austin trying to out-do each other in the Flamboyant Gay Dressing sweepstakes. If they both make it to the end, they'll be showing up in the workroom in sequined caftans and turbans before this is over."

Buddy TV

"Mix Tilda Swinton with Tabitha (you know, the one who Takes Over), and you've got Joanna."


"When is Angela Lindvall going to start adopting Heidi's German accent?"

The Hollywood Reporter

"If I remember correctly, his [Anthony's] low taste level was a constant barrier for him and the time away hasn't changed that. There is a market for what he does. They're called Bravo's Real Housewives."

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