The Rundown: Project Runway All Stars Episode 2

Project Runway All Stars continued last night on Lifetime, and this season's mentor — our editor-in-chief Joanna Coles — really stole the show. Here's a look at some of our favorite moments.

Project Runway All Stars was back for round two last night, and our editor-in-chief Joanna Coles (follow her on Twitter @JoannaColes) is really getting into the swing of the whole "mentoring" thing. Seriously, isn't she awesome?

Each week, we'll be perusing the Internet to find our favorite quotes and recaps about the show. Here's the episode two rundown.

Entertainment Weekly

"I wish Joanna were on hand for the Mood visits as a fabric consultant, but she met the designers back at the workroom with a big SMILE on her face! First she set her sights on Michael and noted that his dress didn't have cups for a woman's breasts. "I'm always thinking, 'How is my body going to look in this?" said Joanna. I'm always wondering how Joanna's body will look, too. When Michael admitted he didn't think about women's bodies enough, Joanna had an visceral, full-bodied reaction, as if someone had offered her a free session at a tanning salon. "Shock! Horror!" she sputtered while accurately conveying pure shock and horror on her face. Joanna, please start mentoring acting workshops as well."

Tom and Lorenzo

"Michael offered up a small plate of drama because he's apparently under the impression that he invented red. But he course-corrected instead of locking himself in the bathroom and crying for half a day. Honestly, what are we supposed to do with these people if they don't accuse each other of cheating every 3 minutes?"

Buddy TV

"When Joanna Coles does her walkaround, which was apparently otherwise too boring to show (this is so going in the new musical I'm writing, O Tim Gunn, Where Art Thou?) she too lays on the praise and the pressure with Austin, noting that "everyone is watching" him to see what he'll present. Well, yeah, everyone's watching Austin. But also, everyone's watching everyone. Wake up and smell the couture, Joanna: This is ALL STARS!"


"Was Austin Scarlett going for a Molly Ringwald circa Sixteen Candles look in the work room? And was Kenley going for Molly Ringwald circa Pretty in Pink with all that pink tulle?"

Reality Tea

"Joanna Coles, mentor at large, shows up to issue some advice on how to not f**k things up. Joanna asks a lot of insightful questions about the designer's processes, materials and what will make this stand out as their creation. It was refreshing. She counsels Michael of being mindful of the wearer's body and preventing a potential nip slip, which as Jerell points out is "tacky." Not in some circles…"

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