The Hilarious Saga of How an Obsessive Fan Got Prince Harry to Kiss Her

Here, a play-by-play.

Aside from the whole, you know, royalty and incredible wealth thing, it must be kind of hard to be Prince Harry. You know you will likely never be king, but you still have to travel the world like a combination of politician and celebrity, shaking hands and talking to world leaders while also fending off crazy fans.

The creepy factor of fame was especially visible on Thursday, while Harry was walking up the steps of the Sydney Opera House in Australia after a military event. About 500 fans were there, holding signs with slogans like "His Royal Hotness" (which, fair). And standing in the front row was one of his biggest fans.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Victoria McRae, 21, calls herself the "royal tragic," has proposed to Prince Harry twice before, and once was removed by police after getting into a kayak in an attempt to give him her number. But not one to be deterred, she popped the question for a third time at today's event. And this time, she even got a kiss on the lips from him. Here's how it went down.

Lots of people were there to propose to the prince, which makes sense, because again, "his royal hottness."

But McRae had her eyes locked on the prize.

She her own DIY sign ready and even brought her own crown, which was super considerate of her. (Meanwhile "last chance!" LOL.)

When the moment came, she popped the question, and Prince Harry graciously said he'd "think about" it.

Undefeated, McRae asked for a kiss, and, in a super prince-y move, Harry turned and offered his cheek.

Little did he know she'd trick him and go for the lips.

"It was everything—I'm very happy," McRae said. "I reminded him it was the third time I asked [him to marry me]." Somehow, it doesn't seem like that would convince Harry to change his mind about the proposal. After all, he was charmed by another Aussie, Daphne Dunne, who kept her kiss classy.

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