The Trailer for 'Second Act,' Jennifer Lopez's Grand Return to Rom-Coms, Has Dropped

She's baaaack.

Don't @ me, but my favorite romantic comedy of all time is The Wedding Planner. Like, sure, it does have a 16 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and yes, I have seen classics like When Harry Met Sally, but there's something about an early aughts Jennifer Lopez that tugs at my heartstrings. So, forgive me for feeling ridiculously excited that J. Lo is officially returning to the big screen this fall with a brand-new rom-com, Second Act.

Lopez stars as Maya, a middle-aged woman who uses a fake identity (think: a forged college degree and Photoshopped pics with the Obamas) to land a badass job. “Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got there?” Lopez asks in the trailer, which dropped today. “I just wished we lived in a world where street smarts equal book smarts.”

The best part? Second Act has a killer ensemble: Milo Ventimiglia will play J. Lo's husband, Leah Remini stars as the best friend, and Vanessa Hudgens plays Lopez's co-worker.

Second Act hits theaters on November 21. But in the meantime, you can watch the trailer in full, below.