The 30 Best Movies for Girls' Night

Grab the popcorn and wine, friends—we're staying in tonight!

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Sometimes, you really just want to get all dressed up with the girls, head to the nearest bar, and dance the night away. Other times, you'd rather stay in for the night, clad in your most comfortable pajamas, scarfing down a buffet of unhealthy meals, and gossiping with your friends over endless glasses of wine. For the evenings when you prefer to stay in and kick it, it's essential that you gather around your television screen for a mandatory viewing of some feel-good film that will inevitably leave you in stitches or in tears. Ahead, the 30 best movies to watch during your night in with your squad.

Bridesmaids (2011)

Kristen Wig hilariously stars in this 2011 comedy as Annie, a thirty-something trying to balance her existential crisis with her role as a bridesmaid in her best friend's wedding. The only problem? She's a pretty terrible bridesmaid, and—hot take here—kind of a bad friend.

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

A group of besties have the best shopping trip ever when they find a pair of jeans that somehow manages to flatter all of their bodies (what witchcraft is this, and where can I get a pair?!), and they share custody of the magic pants over the course of the summer. The jeans help them reunite with family, battle deep emotional trauma, and even find true love.

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Waiting to Exhale (1995)

One of the most defining moments in every friend circle is the moment when you have to gather around the girlfriend whose ain't-shit man finally exposes his true colors. In Waiting to Exhale, four women try to navigate the stress of marriage life brought on from their equally trifling partners, strengthening their bond as friends in the process.

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Clueless (1995)

Alicia Silverstone became a pop culture icon for her role in the 1995 classic Clueless as lovable but offbeat Cher Horowitz, a rich girl with a killer closet navigating life as a high schooler in Beverly Hills. The coming of age film is a loose adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma; like Austen's protagonist, Cher is a well-meaning matchmaker who doesn't quite see the big picture.

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The Notebook (2004)

Allie and Noah's love story in The Notebook makes for the perfect girls' night movie. It's got romance, a few steamy love scenes, and a forever quotable moment: "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." *sighs*

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To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

Jenny Han really was onto something when she wrote up everyone's dream boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). He's tall, dreamy, and always down to make his girl Laura Jean feel special. It doesn't matter that you've probably already watched this Netflix original too many times to count—it'll give you and your friends the warm fuzzies like it's the very first time.

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Love Jones (1997)

The '90s gave us its fair share of truly amazing films, but Love Jones manages to stand out with its simple but scarily relatable story about two people who can't seem to figure out what their relationship is. Turn your girls' night in into a girls' night out to your local open mic night so you can find your own Darius Lovehall.

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Sex and the City (2008)

Carrie and friends hit the big screen in 2008, and their drama followed them; our heroine is still trying to manage her complicated relationship with Mr. Big, Miranda is raising her son with Steve, Charlotte is toying with the idea of having another child, and Samantha...well, she's still being Samantha.

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Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Yes, there have been many Pride and Prejudice remakes over the past few years, but this one stands out among the rest because the chemistry between Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen is out of this world.

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Girls' Trip (2017)

Thought your last girls trip to Cabo was crazy? Think again. The impromptu vacay that Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish go on in Girls Trip probably puts yours to shame. The four friends travel to New Orleans to attend Essence Fest, and they get into some serious hijinks along the way, including one particularly lascivious situation with a certain citrus fruit. Grapefruit, anyone?

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Hitch (2005)

Will Smith proved that he's everyone's dream man in the 2005 romantic comedy Hitch, playing a matchmaker for men who are unlucky in love. But the teacher becomes the student when he finds himself getting schooled in matters of the heart after coming across Sara, a gossip columnist with a chip on her shoulder.

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The Princess Diaries (2001)

Nerdy and unpopular high school student Mia Thermopolis gets the biggest surprise of her life when she finds out that she's actually Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Princess of Genovia. You may not be a princess with Julie Andrews as your grandmother—life is so unfair—but you can live that fantasy vicariously through The Princess Diaries. And once you're done with the original, check out the sequel, which also stars a baby-faced Chris Pine.

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The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Meryl Streep has been acting since 1977, but her role as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada is an absolute fave. Whether you think she's the true villain of the plot of Andy's trash boyfriend Nate (spoiler alert: It's Nate), you're going to enjoy this one.

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For Colored Girls (2010)

If you and your girlfriends are in the mood of a deep emotional release, For Colored Girls will do the trick. Adapted from Ntozake Shange's 1975 original choreopoem, the drama connects the heartbreak of ten women, reminding us that sisterhood is about lifting each other up when we're down.

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Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

A billionaire bachelor from falls in love with a New Yorker and whisks her away to meet his family in Singapore. Not only is Crazy, Rich Asians a visual masterpiece, but the cast is pretty damn good-looking, too.

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Miss Congeniality (2000)

FBI agent Grace Hart takes the main stage when she transforms into beauty queen Gracie Lou Hart to investigate a terrorist threat in an international beauty pageant. Sandra Bullock is everything as the hardheaded tomboy with a heart of gold, and her relationship with her fellow pageant queens might remind you of your connection with your besties.

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Mean Girls (2004)

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by Regina George. Now, raise your hand if you're going to binge watch Mean Girls and quote the 2004 teen comedy word for word.

Thought so.

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Titanic (1997)

From the film's iconic theme song sung by Celine Dion herself to that steamy scene in an automobile, Titanic is an almost perfect masterpiece. My one beef with the movie to this day? Everyone knows that Jack could have fit on that wooden panel. Hmph.

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Legally Blonde (2003)

After being dumped by her ambitious boyfriend for not being studious enough, sorority girl Elle Woods sets her eyes on a new goal: Harvard Law School. But as she leans more into her studies and away from her relationship, Elle learns that there's more to life than just being a successful man's wife. A lesson in girl power.

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13 Going on 30 (2004)

Mark Ruffalo has always been fine, but before he was the silver-streaked Daddy™ that we know and love today, he was playing Jennifer Garner's sensitive love interest in 13 Going on 30. The film is funny, sweet, and complete with a full dance sequence to the tune of "Thriller."

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She's the Man (2006)

In this modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Viola (Amanda Bynes) dons a short wig to sneak into her brother's elite boarding school and play on its male soccer team. Things get complicated when she starts developing feelings for Duke (Channing Tatum), the sexy team captain.

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Magic Mike (2012)

Channing Tatum goes from soccer star to stripper legend in Magic Mike, a movie that has no real plot but somehow still manages to keep its audiences captivated from beginning to end. Alongside Tatum are Hollywood hotties Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, Matthew Bomer, and Adam Rodriguez. Whew.

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Magic Mike XXL (2015)

We really didn't deserve a sequel to Magic Mike, but the universe blessed us with the follow-up to the original stripper saga, this time following Mike and friends on a wild roadtrip to the biggest stripper convention in the country. Again, there's not actual plot, but who really needs a tangible storyline with a cast like this?

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Bring It On (2000)

Two rival cheerleading squads battle it out in this pop culture staple featuring Kirsten Dunst and the never-aging Gabrielle Union, almost making us wish that we too could have been cheerleaders in the past.

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Barfi! (2012)

Bollywood hit Barfi! is a heartwarming dramedy about a deaf and mute man navigating life with a smile on his face and falling in love on the way. The film stars Bollywood favorites Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanke Chopra, and it will absolutely make you weep. But like, in a totally good way.

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Someone Great (2019)

Ever been dumped at the worst possible time in your life? Music writer Jenny can totally relate. Thankfully, she's got the unconditional love and support of her best friends Erin and Blair to help her get back on straight and narrow, even if that means dragging her kicking and screaming.

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Seventeen Again (2000)

After interacting with an anti-aging chemical, exes Cat and Gene find themselves 50 years younger in their teenage bodies. The estranged couple embraces the change and set out to give themselves a do-over, but life as a teenager in the millennial age is a lot harder than they could have ever imagined it would be.

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A Cinderella Story (2004)

Chad Michael Murray is peak 90s hottie in A Cinderella Story as Austin Ames, the secret crush of a down-and-out high schooler (Hilary Duff) with an insufferable step-family. You probably didn't forget how good he looked back then, but just in case you forgot, turn this on.

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Love & Basketball (2000)

Two childhood friends experience love and loss over the course of a decade, with basketball bringing them together at every turn. Sorry, but you can't have a girls' night without watching Love & Basketball—I don't make the rules.

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Never Been Kissed (1997)

This premise of this movie is a tad bit sketch when you get to thinking about it (fake identities? a teacher falling in love with a student?), but Never Been Kissed really does have all of the qualities of a classic romantic comedy: a plucky protagonist who works hard despite the odds, a very hot love interest, and a helpful fairy god[brotha] who feeds her lines from his van.


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