The Great Ass Debate: What GuysThink of Women's Butts

What real guys think of women's butts

Too often in the world of celebrity news and gossip sites, photographs of bikini-clad stars frolicking on the beach prompt debates about the perfect derriere. TMZ recently posted an upsetting video of Italian model and actress Olga Kent for the soul purpose of calling her ass "flat." Previously, the site posted a discussion of its newsroom deliberating over Selena Gomez's backside—with staffers divided over whether she had the perfect bikini butt.

Kim Kardashian

(Image credit: Instagram)

And with the rise of celebrities posing risque photographs of themselves on Instagram and Twitter, such discussions seemed to have intensified. Kim Kardashian's famous 2013 Instagram shot in a white bathing suit comes to mind. And we can't help but wonder: What is the point of taking half-naked photos of your butt and posting them online, ladies, because comments like the following will inevitably follow:

"Oh gosh, yeah," was one gentleman's response to the question: Is Kim Kardashian's butt too big?

So, if that's considered too big and TMZ thinks this hot Italian model's ass is too flat, then we want to know whose ass is just right? And as we suspected, the question prompts every guy's personal version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

"I like J.Lo's butt," remarks one guy. And when questioned about comparable sizing to Kim Kardashian's, he said "Even if it is the same size as [Kim Kardashian's], there's mystery there. [Jennifer Lopez] is not posting photos of it every day."

Another guy said, "I like Alyssa Milano's ass. She's got a really good one."

And when women weighed in on the subject, Beyoncé, Olivia Munn, and Reese Witherspoon were top contenders. Is there a butt out there we should enviously gaze upon and quietly compare ours to? The answer is a resounding no. We have to stop body-shamming ourselves over the size of our thighs, butts, and stomachs. Moreover, guys are even contradicted over which celeb's butt they find the most appealing since it's a choice of personal preference—they range from big to small and round to flat.

We're not one to judge (nor should we) on the varying size of asses because the perfect derrière is one of legend. But one thing is for certain: Unless you're prepared for major scrutiny from the masses, keep your "two pringles hugging" (video below) off of the Internet.