Remembering Elaine Stritch Through a Major Girl Crush

Chiemi Karasawa, director of the new documentary 'Shoot Me', dishes on her subject, 89-year-old Broadway icon Elaine Stritch

On getting obsessed: I'm a single woman. I think everybody is looking for an idol. When you stumble upon somebody like Elaine, who is not traditional in any fashion, who has really taken life by the horns, you just are filled with such a sense of awe.

On convincing stritch: It was a long courtship of four months before we got down to business. She has this incredible strength, but she can just scare the shit out of you. Her insecurities come out as a shell.

On becoming buddies: I think it happened after we shot her cabaret show at the Carlyle in New York. She was in her room getting undressed and she handed me her bra and said, "Honey, can you hang this over there on the door?"

On their friendship: She's your mother, your bitchy sister, your best friend, your grandmother. We grew so fond of each other. We'd sit together on her bed watching Turner Classics, and she would point out all the actors she'd dated.

On getting along: She's likely the most demanding person I've ever met. She would probably get mad if anybody was more demanding.