The Hottest 'Hot Guys' Instagram Doesn't Even Need a Gimmick

They're French! That's it!

Man on Paris Metro.
(Image credit: Instagram)

Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, get on this mystery ASAP: There is an underground network of Hot Dudes, and it goes deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. #unearthalltheattractivemen

Mecs Métro Paris, the first major international edition of Hot Dudes Doing Fill-in-the-Blank, doesn't have an activity attached to it—no, all their subjects need to do is exist gorgeously and sometimes take public transportation.

There is this Alex Pettyfer lookalike (but French).

This one, who would look equally at home here:

This guy who—thank GOD—knows you only sit near the doors when it's not crowded:

Oh, they have Abercrombie models too:

He's obviously looking up your heart:

[inappropriate noises]

There are more than 200 pics to date, so yeah—taking my gap yah now.

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