For Your Viewing/Listening Pleasure, a Quartet of Attractive Musicians Playing a Cover of "Royals"

You're welcome.

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Lately, the Internet has been all abuzz with hot doctors cradling their adorable dogs. But every woman knows that if there's anything hotter than the Hot Doctor, it's the Hot Musician. And even better than that is four hot musicians, like the talented babes of the aptly-named ensemble, "Well-Strung." 

The pop/classical fusion group consists of Edmund Bagnell (first violin), Christopher Marchant (second violin), Daniel Shevlin (cello), and Trevor Wadleigh (viola). In anticipation of their new album POPssicaldue out on October 2nd, the group released a musical video today which is a composition of Lorde's smash hit "Royals" and Karl Jenkins' "Palladio." It is beautiful, both aesthetically and musically.

Just press play if you don't believe us.

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