Rihanna's New Music Video Is Jaw-Dropping, Over-the-Top Sexiness

Pure 🔥.

After mercilessly teasing us with a slew of provocative stills and videos on Instagram this week, RiRi has finally dropped her new video for "Kiss It Better." And like the song itself—a sexy ode to an ex with a very particular set of skills in the bedroom—it's bound to leave you hot and bothered. Like, NSFW status. 

The video finds Rihanna in the buff, artfully arching her back as wind blows a filmy sheet against her curves and gets, uh, acquainted with two pairs of dice.

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And ladies, if RiRi's album art for "Kiss It Better" is any indication, tossing the tweezers and getting heavy handed with your brow pencil could heat up your sex life. She's sporting a full-on, filled-in unibrow, and according to face readers, bushy arches = high sexual energy. So, you better let your boyish brow sprouts do the work, work, work, work, work.

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