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This New Picture from the 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Raises a Lot of Questions About Luke and Lorelai's Relationship

What does this *mean*?

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We are impatiently counting down until the November 25 premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but thankfully Netflix isn't keeping us completely in the dark about the highly-anticipated revival. They've been quietly dropping trailers, Instagram pics, and images straight from the new episodes.

The latest image focuses on Luke and Lorelai as they take in a very Stars Hollow movie, complete with lots of delicious takeout instead of popcorn.


Lorelai is on the phone, and in what appears to be a bit of a panic. And, is that anger in her eyes or just intense worry? As for Luke, he's looking shocked and pointing to himself as if to say, "Who, me?" Are Luke and Lorelai fighting? Say it isn't so! This might be the most dramatic image yet from the Gilmore Girls revival.

We can guess that this very *dramatic* moment goes down during a Luke/Lorelai date night though. Why? Because the couple are wearing the same outfits as in this lovey dovey picture Netflix released earlier this year.


We'll just have to wait until Thanksgiving weekend to binge our way through all the new Gilmore Girls and finally have the answers to our many, many questions.

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