This Major 'Clueless' Continuity Error Reveals Cher Horowitz's Real Name

We're, like, totally buggin'.

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You know that feeling when you've watched a movie so many times that you live and breathe the characters, and can basically quote the entire script? And then one day you're minding your own business on the internet, and realize you know Jon Snow levels of nothing? Hi, welcome, have a seat, because everything we know about Clueless is a lie.

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Kay, that's a slight exaggeration, but Cher Horowitz's real name might not be Cher Horowitz, and it's just like what is even happening? In the below scene, Cher shows her report card to her dad, and if you look super-closely, you'll notice that the name printed is Cher Hamilton. (Note: this is easier to see in a non-blurry clip, but YouTube only has so much to offer.)

The piece of mail her dad tosses down before looking the report also has "Melvin Hamilton" written on it, so clearly Clueless' props department has some explaining to do. Meanwhile, we'll just be over here questioning literally everything.

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