Kate Middleton Goes Sailor Chic in Alexander McQueen

Ahoy, Katie!

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Kate Middleton's visit to the National Maritime Museum seems to have awoken her nautical spirit (she spent a lot of time at sea during her childhood) and it's evidenced in her style. Last week she wore a simple white and navy shift Jaeger shift dress, and now she's gone full-on nautical.

Earlier today she attended the opening of the newly restored Bletchley Park, a refurbished World War II site, and wore a white blouse and navy skirt by Alexander McQueen. Each piece was adorned with anchor-emblazoned gold buttons, not unlike the ones you'd see befitting a sailor's uniform. She topped off the look with a matching navy clutch and court heels. If the outfit looks familiar, it's because she wore it during an appearance at the Summerfield Community Centre in 2011.

The visit was an especially sentimental one as Middleton's paternal grandmother, Valerie Glassborow, served as a codebreaker during World War II. She even met with Lady Marion Body, who not only worked with her grandmother, but also her grandmother's twin sister, Mary. It's believed that their wartime efforts helped contribute to reducing WWII between two and four years. So now we know where Kate gets her good will from!

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