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29 White T-Shirts on Amazon Thousands of Reviewers Swear By

The foundation of any outfit.

white t shirt amazon
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Now that I've finished my thorough investigation into the best leggings on Amazon, I'm turning my attention to another basic: white t-shirts. If you're looking to add a basic tee to your collection, look no further than the small but mighty selection on the e-retailer, many of which have 1,000-plus reviews. From fitted v-necks to slouchy, relaxed styles, allow me to present the findings of my investigation. You'll have no problem finding a favorite, because they're backed by thousands of reviews. Oh, and all the tees cost $25 and under. Win-win.

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Best Cropped T-shirt
Crop Top T-Shirt
SweatyRocks amazon.com

We love a cropped t-shirt to pair with a high waisted skirt or short in the summer. With an average of close to 5 stars and more than 3k reviews, this could be your summer uniform!  

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Best V-Neck with Pocket T-shirt
White Tee With Pocket
NIASHOT amazon.com
$14.99 (12% off)

Another great v-neck for your casual summer days. Words like "soft" and "lightweight" flood the reviews.

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Best Plus Size V-Neck T-shirt
Short Sleeve V Neck Tee
JUST MY SIZE amazon.com
$5.00 (11% off)

With an average of 4.1/5 stars and over 8.3K reviews, the Just My Size Crew Neck seems to have a cult following, with numerous buyers stating they've been purchasing JMS T-Shirts for over 15 years. 

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Best Everyday White T-Shirt
Nano Premium Cotton V-Neck Tee
Hanes amazon.com

For an everyday, affordable tee, you can't go wrong with a classic from Hanes. This one has 2.3k reviews and a four-star rating, and it comes in multiple colors.

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Best White Bodysuit T-Shirt
Round Neck T-Shirts Basic Bodysuit
MANGOPOP amazon.com

Solve the whole problem of tucking in and re-tucking of your tee with this bodysuit. You'll get that crisp look every time. (Shhh, no one will know your hack.)

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Best Multi-Pack White T-shirt
Women's 2-Pack Tees
Amazon Essentials amazon.com

Why not get both? You can pick (literally) any color combination, and this plain white tee has over 21k ratings, so it must be worth doubling up on...

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Best Relaxed White T-Shirt
Relaxed-Fit Lightweight T-Shirt
Amazon Essentials amazon.com

With over 1.4k reviews and counting, this relaxed tee will speak to those who want a roomy top instead of a tight-fitting shirt. The material is soft, lightweight, and moisture-wicking so you can wear it year round. A buyer's tip from other reviewers: size down as this shirt does run large since it's meant for a loose fit. 

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Best Loose-Fitting V Neck
Short Sleeve Tee
Sipaya amazon.com

This loose fitting, V-neck is the perfect wardrobe all-rounder.

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The Best Fun White T-shirt
Casual Loose Tee
Amoretu amazon.com
$15.29 (19% off)

Sometimes our plain white tee needs a little extra something, and with 8.8K+ ratings we know that people are loving this casual t-shirt with the criss-cross detailing. 

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Best White T-Shirt for Curves
Short-Sleeve V-Neck Tee
Amazon Essentials amazon.com

If you're never able to find tees that fit quite right, check out this option from Amazon. It boasts a v-neck and straight hemline, and is soft and lightweight. If you end up loving it, the tee also comes in three other colors.

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Best Durable White T-Shirt
Rib Crew in White
Lands' End amazon.com

This 100 percent cotton t-shirt has a crewneck neckline and receives praise from shoppers for its fit, durability, and stretch. One reviewer wrote, "I have Lands' End T-shirts that still look good after 10 years of wear," so this will definitely last you for seasons to come.

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Best Moisture-Wicking White T-Shirt
Short-Sleeve Moisture Wicking Shirt
Joe's USA amazon.com

If your perfect white tee has performance qualities, you'll want to grab this moisture-wicking athletic top. It's great for everyday wear at home or for a jog around the neighborhood.

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Best Comfy White T-Shirt
Crewneck Short Sleeve Tee
Splendid amazon.com

Splendid products are known for their comfort and easy-to-wear vibes, so you can expect those same qualities in its tees. This one is perfect for tucking into your fall skirts or layering under your fuzzy knit sweaters.

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Best Crop White T-Shirt
Summer Crop Top
MakeMeChic amazon.com
$16.99 (41% off)

It all comes down to the details when you're looking for a white tee that stands out from the rest. This one hits two unique notes: it comes in a cropped length and there is a knot detail on the front.

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Best White T-Shirt Bundle
Crewneck T-Shirt
Amazon Essentials amazon.com

We love tees that come in a pack of two, because we'll always have a spare when mysterious wine or sauce stains appear. This one has over 10,000 ratings (!!), gets 4.5 stars, and is available via Prime.

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Best Pocket White T-Shirt
Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirts
MIHOLL amazon.com

We're all for breathable tees with a pocket on the front. This one comes in every color of the rainbow, so you might want to add a few to your checkout cart.

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Best Crewneck White T-Shirt
Medium White Nano T-Shirt
Hanes amazon.com

Are you team crewneck or v-neck? Depending on your answer, you may find yourself gravitating towards the Hanes option in slide 1 or this pick, also from Hanes. This one is great for Zoom if you need to throw it over your tank tops or under your summer dresses for fall.

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Best Formfitting White T-shirt
Soft Style Cotton T-Shirt
Gildan amazon.com

Make sure to size up if you're buying this cozy pack of two tees. It's perfect for those seeking a more tailored fit and with 1.4k ratings, you can't go wrong with any of the other color options.

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Best Fitted White T-shirt
Short Sleeve V-Neck Shirts
PrinStory amazon.com

One reviewer sums up the tee like this: "This shirt is nice. It's decent quality. It's definitely not 'oversized.' I bought a size larger than I normally do and it fit almost snug. It's only a little bit oversized. Thank goodness I got a size larger! If you buy at least a size larger than you normally wear, you will be fine. Otherwise, maybe look for another shirt that really is oversized."

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Best Men's White T-shirt
Soft Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
Hanes amazon.com

You find yourself reaching for your S.O.'s white tees more often than not, especially now that you're WFH. Though he's happy to share, he'll likely breathe a sigh of relief when you buy your own pack of mens tees.

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Best T-shirt to Buy in Bulk
CVC Deep V-Neck T-Shirt
Next Level

This stretchy tee is good for both large and small-chested women, holds up well in the wash, and comes in 40-plus colors. The fabric veers towards the thinner side, so if you're looking for a T-shirt that will help you get through summer, here it is. Some buyer's notes: the shirt runs small, so size up. As for the shirt's longevity: "They will last a year or two, and then I buy new ones," said one reviewer.  

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Best Silky White T-shirt
Short Sleeve Summer T-Shirts
Amoretu amazon.com

This tee is made of 95 percent rayon and five percent spandex for a lightweight, breathable, and stretchy feel. Reviewers say the material feels more silky than cotton-y, if that is what you're searching for. If not, opt for one of the other options on this list.

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Best Athletic White T-shirt
Tech Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
Under Armour amazon.com

Under Armour needs no introduction, so if you already know you want a performance white tee that doesn't leave you sitting in your own sweat, add this one to your checkout cart. It has anti-odor technology and four-way stretch construction, too. 

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Best Casual White T-shirt
Short Sleeve Loose Tee
SheIn amazon.com

This T-shirt offers a soft, curved neckline rather than a rigid v-neck shape for that slouchy, relaxed look. Follow customer reviews and size up if you don't want it to be too clingy to your frame; it should drape over your figure. One customer wrote, "This makes me feel so sexy it’s not clinging to me and I really love that."  It's made of 95 percent rayon and five percent polyester, hence the stretchiness in the fabric.  

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Best White T-shirt for Layering
Petite Plus Deep V Neck Tee
Clementine Apparel amazon.com

If you're looking for the perfect layering tee, look no further. In addition to being "softer than tissues," this opaque top looks good under everything from a blazer to a dress. It's also durable enough to handle a yoga or barre class. "I was wearing a black bra underneath the white t-shirt and you cannot see the black through the shirt!" wrote one Amazon customer. Another spoke of its design, saying, "The shirts are well constructed and the fabric is of perfect weight."

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Best Non-Clingy White T-Shirt
Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt
SAMPEEL amazon.com

With over 6k reviews, this T-shirt is definitely a popular pick. On top of being "soft" and not "super clingy," the tee comes in over 20 different colors.

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Best White T-shirt to Lounge In
Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking Shirt
Opna amazon.com

With over 7.8k reviews, this white tee has received some nice compliments, ranging from "good quality" and "moisture wicking" to "highly recommend" and "great price." Though technically it's a workout top, it's also a fit for those who live a more sedentary lifestyle. (It's sleep-approved, thanks to the breathable fabric.) The shirt is silky soft and lightweight, and can be machine-washed without changing the fit or shape. 

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Best Plus-Size White T-shirt
Casual Scoop Collar Plus Size T-Shirt
Allegrace amazon.com

You'll obsess over this white T-shirt. The material is soft, but not see-through; the neckline is cut a little low for a sexy dip, and a nice pocket detail separates this tee from the rest. Sizing seems to vary for this tee, according to reviews, so order your normal fit and go from there. Once you found the right size, wear it with jeans, leggings, or tucked into a skirt. 

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Best Long-Sleeve White T-shirt
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Sivvan amazon.com

Designed to be worn under scrubs, this long-sleeve tee is also perfectly fine to wear by itself. It's thin (the debate on whether it shows your bra or not remains unresolved), but not too thin, according to reviewers, which makes them good for even warm weather. "I have a very "outdoorsy" toddler granddaughter...and overheating happens in a hurry with hoodies or blouses. Hence the lightweight nature of this tee is a godsend," read one comment. A bonus: this shirt won't shrink in the wash and the material is very soft.  

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