You Can Now Get in a Bidding War Over Kendall Jenner's Most Photographed Outfits

"Do I want these or nah?"

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If you wear a size 2/4 dress or a size 10 shoe, boy, does Kendall Jenner have some news for you: She's generously emptied her closet onto eBay, and it's all free for the bidding.

Beginning today, approximately 200 items from the future Bachelorette's personal collection are up for grabs on the online marketplace, including the ivory Bec + Bridge halter top she wore to church on Easter Sunday 2015. But even if the Clint Eastwood T-shirt (current bid: 99 cents) doesn't interest you, perhaps the philanthropic element will—a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

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You could own this for $2!

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The sale ends January 20, so call your finance man soon. Godspeed. 

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