How Kate Middleton's Favorite Bag Pays Tribute to Princess Diana

Honoring her MIL since 2009.

Kate Middleton
(Image credit: Getty)

Dammmmmnnnn, Kate Middleton. Back at it again with the gray Tod's bag.

The budding magazine editor recently carried the same bowler she's had since 2009, which, if you think about it, makes it older than both her children *and* her status as a royal/person we're all nonsensically obsessed with.

Who else was a fan of Tod's? Princess Diana, whose go-to was an earlier incarnation of the very same tote, which was renamed the D-Bag (WHO SNICKERED?) after her death. Given how carefully the Duchess acknowledges (both sides of) her family with her styling decisions, this was definitely not a coincidence.  

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