The Anklet Is Making a Comeback, and Here's Why You Should Be on Board

What's next? Toe rings?

ankle bracelet, loafer shoes
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It's not a *problem* problem, but there's one tiny, niggling issue with the unofficial uniform of summer (crewneck T-shirt, miniskirt, slides or loafers, plus or minus a silk Hanley (opens in new tab) trench, if you're me). That would be the expanse of bare leg, which, while miraculous coming from the dead of winter/a brief monsoon season, can sometimes feel empty—especially to those who prefer a maximalist approach to self-decoration.

ankle bracelet, gold heels

This is Rihanna's foot.

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I don't know what's so bad about anklets—everything embarrassing becomes cool again (then embarrassing again), anyway—but I do know that, on a whim, I double-wrapped a custom Ippolita disc necklace (opens in new tab) around one leg, and I've been really into it ever since. It's like the fashion-girl equivalent of a cowbell, like "Ooh, I hear jangling. Watch out, Chelsea's coming." It catches the light and draws attention to your…foot, which sounds kind of fetishist but is great if you've got sick shoes on. It also doesn't heat up under the sun and brand you like a pendant does. But mostly, it's just another body part onto which you can attach something shiny. If that isn't the point of fashion, what is?

It's like the fashion-girl equivalent of a cowbell

Plus it only takes a quick root around your jewelry box and two seconds to join the still highly selective Anklet-Wearers Club, which counts Rihanna and Zendaya and, hello, me as members. Actually, *that* might be the best part of this whole affair—that with one simple move, everything can feel new again.

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