Street-Artist Style: How This Graffiti Pro Dresses for a Day "at the Office"

Art imitates style imitates life.

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Marie Claire November 2016 Issue

It's easy to pick out Renée Snelson's favorite things. Take a glance at large-scale murals from the street artist (who goes by XORS), and it's obvious: The woman loves graffiti and shoes. This fall, the shoe designer shares her favorite Timberland footwear to take her along her modern trail through the streets of New York while she creates shoefiti (get it? shoes + graffiti) masterpieces that are equal parts fashion and female empowerment, inspired by the collection.

As you might expect, Snelson's personal sense of style is super on-point: Think tomboy-meets-feminine, with soft, cozy pieces abutting edgy accents for a cool, DGAF air. She partnered with Timberland to share her go-to footwear looks (and her street-art-inspired takes on them).

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Yacht, but Not
Marie Claire November 2016 Issue

Lace-up heel boots and a vintage leather jacket rough up a girly metallic skirt and a preppy, nautical top.

Belknap Leather Jacket, $598,; Glancy 6" Boots, $130,

Don't You Step On My...
Marie Claire November 2016 Issue

"Living in New York, I need a versatile shoe that I can dress up or down, day or night."

Carleton Suede Ankle Boots, $120,

Danger: Women Working
Marie Claire November 2016 Issue

Classic yellow work boots get a little fashion-y with dark lace-up denim.

6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots, $170,

Wild, Styled West
Marie Claire November 2016 Issue

"As a shoe designer, I appreciate good quality, comfort, and versatility, but I don't want to sacrifice style. Timberland provides all of those elements."

Dennett Buckle Boots, $150,

Express Yourself
Marie Claire November 2016 Issue

High-top sneakers and a handful of fun accessories make a casual daytime outfit look done-up.

Kenniston 6" Boots, $140,

Blue Skies Ahead
Marie Claire November 2016 Issue

"For me, footwear is a personal style statement and shoes are a bigger expression of who you are and where you're headed."

Mt. Kelsey Vest, $108,; Kenniston 6" Boots, $140,

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