TV-Worthy Cocktail Recipes for the 2014 Emmy Awards

Celebrate the 2014 Emmy Awards with these nominee inspired cocktail recipes.

With the Emmy's tonight, we're geared up to see our favorite stars walk the red carpet and hear the fate of our favorite shows. The only thing better than watching the Emmys is watching them with a custom cocktail in your hand. Mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer of the Dead Rabbit has whipped up six dangerously delicious recipes just for us, inspired by some of our must-watch nominees.

Celebrate Orange Is the New Black

Nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series

The ladies from Litchfield are back and hotter than ever—and so is grilled fruit. We're updating this cocktail standby with a citrus twist that's, well, orange and black.

Piper's Screwdriver

2 parts Ménage a Trois Citrus Vodka

2 parts juice from grilled oranges

Sliced charred orange wheels (optional)

Slice half an orange and place face down on a grill (or grill pan!) for a few minutes so it's nice and charred. Squeeze the juice into an ice-filled goblet. Add the vodka and stir. Slice and char up some orange wheels for an optional garnish.

Celebrate Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Any Breaking Bad fan will get this reference to Walter Whites secret 'product.' The trick is adding natural blue food coloring to a tray of ice cubes the night before, and as the ice melts the drink turns blue and then purple – morphing the color of the cocktail before your eyes faster than Jesse can evade a sticky situation!


2 parts Solbeso

3/4 part fresh lemon

3/4 part simple syrup

Blue Hibiscus natural food coloring

Sugar rim, optional

Prepare ice overnight in ice molds with water and dye. Build the cocktail in a martini glass; place ice cubes into glass and watch it change color!

Celebrate Mad Men

Nominated for Outstanding Drama Series

Don and the gang are back at it and Mr. Draper's cocktail of choice has always been an Old Fashioned! While this is a traditional '60s drink, Season 7 (part II) kicks off in the '70s, an era of potlucks and fondue parties—key point here: Communal entertaining. This is fun and super engaging twist on the classic that allows party guests to build their own, while mixing and mingling Don Draper style.

Swinging 70s Old Fashioned Bar To Build Bar:

1 bottle Maker's Mark Bourbon

3 types of simple syrups: Demerara, Oolong Chai, Berry Syrup**

3 different types of bitters: Angostura, Regan's Orange & Chocolate Mole Bitters

Sliced oranges, grapefruits and lemons

Simple Syrups: Oolong Tea Syrup: Boil Oolong tea; mix with equal parts tea and confectioners' sugar, stirring until dissolved; chill in fridge Berry Syrup: Boil your favorite all natural berry juice (unsweetened) and mix with equal parts confectioners' sugar stirring until dissolved; chill in fridge Demerara Simple Syrup (brown sugar will work too!): Mix equal parts Demerara sugar with boiling water until dissolved; chill in fridge.

Old Fashioned: In a rocks glass, muddle choice of syrup with choice of citrus until macerated. Add ice, 2 parts of Makers Mark Bourbon and 3 dashes of bitters. Stir, smile and enjoy.

Celebrate Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation

Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

We know what's important in life when it comes to Poehler's character, Leslie Knope: friends, waffles, and work…and certainly not in that order. Pay tribute to Leslie's first love – waffles, with this 'brinner' cocktail of spiced rum and certified-organic Crown Maple Syrup.

Keep Your Waffles Close…

2 parts Sugar Island Spiced Rum

1 1/2 parts milk of your choice (almond and soy work great here, too!)

3/4 part Crown Maple Syrup Drizzle of chocolate sauce Shaved chocolate 1 egg

Rim a martini glass with shaved chocolate bits. Combine all ingredients in a shaker and dry shake (no ice!); once combined, add ice, shake vigorously and pour into a martini glass.

Celebrate Claire Danes in Homeland

Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Carrie Mathison can really throw back tequila when she's not unraveling international terrorist networks. The CIA Sunrise is the perfect cocktail to cheer on your favorite crazed agent.

CIA Sunrise

2 parts Cruz Silver Tequila

1 part fresh lime juice

Drizzle grenadine

Lime wheels

Add all ingredients in a martini shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and pour into a Collins glass.

Celebrate Julie Bowen in Modern Family

Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Claire Dunphy strikes us as someone who needs her coffee in the morning just as much as her cocktail at night. The Morning Coffee Cocktail is perfect for slyly disguising a boozy delight in her #1 Mom mug for the ultimate double down.

Morning Coffee Cocktail

1 1/2 part Tres Agaves Tequila

3/4 part Crème de cacao 1 part almond milk (or milk of your choice!)

Hot coffee

Orange peel, tasty but optional if you're trying to be slick

Build drink in a coffee mug and garnish with an orange peel.

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