9 Scientific Reasons You Should Drink More Wine

Oh we needed more than one reason?

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1. In moderation, wine can help your cholesterol by boosting the levels of HDL (opens in new tab) (the good stuff) while the phenols contained in wine prevent the levels of LDL (the bad stuff) from damaging your arteries.

2. Red wine also slows the growth of breast and prostrate cancer cells (opens in new tab), while warding off oral cancer.

3. Drinking wine in moderation can slim your risk of osteoporosis (opens in new tab), which in simpler terms refers to age-related bone thinning, by increasing bone mineral density of men and women alike.

4. Resveratrol is a key ingredient found in the skin of red grapes, which is known to protect your blood vessels (opens in new tab) while eliminating blood clots. It also gets rid of those unwanted wrinkles, as it protects the body from aging and disease.

5. It is so good for you, that evidence has proven that moderate drinking is better for your health than abstaining (opens in new tab) from alcohol completely.

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6. Polyphenols are substances found in red wine that mitigate harmful bacteria (opens in new tab), preventing your body from illness and disease.

7. Wine reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks, by dilating the arteries and improving blood flow (opens in new tab). This lowers the risk of blood clots.

8. Flavonoids are found in significant amounts in red wine, and evidence shows that these compounds will lower risks of many types of cancer (opens in new tab).

9. Red wine has the ability to reduce your risk (opens in new tab) of developing certain dementias such as Alzheimer's.