Tips for a Well-Stocked Bar

Lady Booze! Banish the wine cooler.

Make sure the party can always wind up back at your place: Lay in a well-stocked booze stash, sexy stemless glasses, and essential hardware — we're talking muddler, shaker, shot glasses, strainer. Then house it all in something handsomely grown-up, like Crate & Barrel's Sloane Leaning Wine Bar, and the only thing this impromptu fete's missing is the hip-shaking playlist. What to keep handy:


The "eco-chic" Square One vodka, founded by a woman, is 100 percent organic.


Plymouth English Gin placates trendy friends, but Seagram's Extra Dry will save you precious coin for the laundry.

St. Germain

This light, floral French import is made from elderflowers picked once a year, and mixes with just about any drink. Smells so pretty, we're tempted to dab it behind our ears.


Bacardi is a no-brainer (i.e., anyone can make a decent punch).

Rye whiskey

Old Overholt is a guy-pleaser that allows you to nix the six-pack of Bud.

Tonic and Mixers

Skip the Red Bull and spruce up your liquors with the classics: Coke, cranberry juice, club soda.

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