An Underwater Winery Exists and It's Amazing

Now you can really live out all of your mermaid dreams...with wine.

While we all thought it couldn't get much better than a 24-hour wine fountain, this underwater winery in Croatia proves us wrong.

After aging their bottles for three months above ground, Edivo Vina, located about an hour north of Dubrovnik, sends their bottles down under for another two years. The sea aging apparently gives the perfect natural cooling conditions for the wine, along with a belief that the sea's "perfect silence" helps add to the quality.

If sea wine sounds like your alcohol of choice, Edivo Vino allows you to venture underwater and explore the winery yourself, seeing exactly how they conduct their process and picking out a favorite bottle. Another plus? The bottles themselves become the perfect mermaid accessory, covered in gorgeous shells and coral as it sits atop your dinner table.

Frankly, this underwater winery sounds like it's the perfect way to live out all our Little Mermaid dreams. 🍷🍷🍷

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