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9 Gifts for Everyone on Your List Who Enjoys a Drink or Two

So, pretty much everyone.

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Presents are nice, presents that are alcohol-based are nicer. Give the gift that makes the holidays really cheery and bright. (Get it? We'll see ourselves out...)

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A Cocktail Lover’s Wine

Cooper & Thief Gift Set, $30


This Cooper & Thief California Red Blend was aged in bourbon barrels, and comes in a gift back with two rocks glasses—a nod to their aging process.

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A Cool Rum

Don Papa Rum, $40


It's the first small-batch premium rum from the Philippines, and it's new to the U.S. With a rich, sweet style and fruity notes, your booze-lovin' friend will thank you.

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A Sweet Treat

Gummy bears (Available in Moscow Mule, Champagne, Old Fashioned, and Apple Cinnamon Manhattan), $4


These cocktail-inspired gummy bears are the perfect little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone.

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A First-Class Experience Even When Not First Class

Grey Goose x Away Cocktail Set, $55


If you happen to be in NYC, Grey Goose and Away Travel have partnered up this holiday season to give you a taste of Grey Goose's signature cocktails even when 30,000 feet in the air. You’ll be perfect set up to create 4 cocktails: Le Grand Fizz, the elegant Le Fizz, the late night accompaniment Espresso Martini, and the classic Martini.

Available at Away Travel Flagship, 10 Bond Street, NYC

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A Beer Lover’s Whiskey

Jameson Caskmates IP Edition, $30


Collaborating with a local Irish brewery, Jameson Caskmates IPA is finished in craft IP barrels, combining the smooth taste of Jameson with a crisp hop finish.

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A Refined Tequila

Volcan Cristalino, $60


Cristalino is the perfect tequila to make margaritas with, hands down. Called the newest form of tequila, the Tequila Regulatory Council (yes, that’s a thing) is expected to formally recognize this sub-section of tequila come 2018. Basically, it’s a clear añejo tequila. And with hints of vanilla and caramel, it’s delicious.

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Liqueurs to Take Their Drink from Just a Drink to a Cocktail

Cointreau, $24


Putting together a drink at home usually ends with opening some wine or beer, because who even has these things? Well, now they will. Try the classic Cointreau, which is an orange liqueur…

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Liqueurs to Take Their Drink from Just a Drink to a Cocktail

St-Germain, $25


...or St-Germain, which is a sweet liqueur made from elderflowers (perfect to add to Champagne-based cocktails)…

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Liqueurs to Take Their Drink from Just a Drink to a Cocktail

Chambord, $17


...or Chambord, an all-natural raspberry liqueur perfect for the holidays.

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