Amazon Is Selling a DIY 4-Person Sauna for Your Backyard

Talk about luxury.

backyard wooden sauna
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Saunas are basically the ultimate in relaxation—that is, if you're the kind of person who likes the heat!—so what if I told you you could have one in your backyard? Better yet, what if I told you you could buy it on Amazon? Allwood (the same brand behind this crazy-popular DIY guest house) is here to make that possible, so long as you're willing to, you know, assemble it yourself.

Allwood's Barrel Sauna, which is powered by a wood-fired heater, can comfortably fit four adults—perfect for having a serious spa night with friends. The barrel-shaped structure is made with slow-grown Nordic Spruce wood, and features a stainless steel chimney, too. You can even add on an optional water heater for $260.

Of course, it'll cost you—the DIY sauna kit retails for $4,950, though it's worth noting that shipping is free. And again, this is a DIY kit, so you'll have to put the sauna together yourself. On the bright side, it shouldn't take too long—Allwood doesn't list how long the assembly time on Amazon, but their guest house only takes 8 hours to assemble, so it's safe to guess that it'll take you around the same amount of time to get this sauna up and running. Rome may not have been built in a day, but this sauna? That's a whole other story. You'll be relaxing (and sweating) in no time!

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